TOSIroam User Comments

Participating Trial schools
(Last updated 16/3/2017)

  1. Collingwood Area School (Collingwood has a budding 'digital hub project)
  2. Wakefield school (Wakefield started this project with a request months ago)
  3. St Peter Chanel (SPC just had a Wireless SNUP and want a seamless wireless logon rather than a shared secret password. Motueka cluster?)
  4. Schools that have orally expressed interest but have yet to receive written confirmation.
    We have not chased this up because we have enough smaller schools for a trial now.
    • Lake Rotoiti
    • Hira
    • Roxburgh
    • Tahunanui
    • Hurunui College
    • Maitai

  5. Other school projects interested.
    • Maitai school are about to have a wireless SNUP. Maitai's multiple sites and working environment is an ideal environment for this project
    • Danny supported schools: This concept is one that Danny has been working towards for a while and as such most of Danny's 'schools"  are compatible with this project.
    • Trade training resource site hosted on EdSerf

  1. Other agencies interested ...
    • Free WiFi in Wakefield (Dont know what has happened to this project?)
    • Free Wifi in other areas (currently investigating)

Alternative project names
The working project name is "TOSIroam"
Other suggestions...

  • Preferred options
    • TOSIroam (exisitng working name)
    • Skynet! (a fictional conscious, gestalt, artificial general intelligence) (Transport agency)
    • E4net (IT Globalisation business)
    • LanRover (Old protocol)
    • Skywire (Game)
  • A n existing Trademark in NZ so cannot register
    • Skywi (Sky TV offshoot)
  • Common word (Cannot register as a trademark)
    • Rove (Common word)
    • Rover (Common word)
    • NomAD (Common word)
    • Mynet (Common word)

User Comments

Dear all,
            I am currently building  a request to Network Tasman  for a grant to rebuild the old Loop ‘Roaming  and automatic wireless project”.

This was the ‘Eduroam’ type project where Loop users could roam around the “Top of South” schools and get fast instant Internet access without even have to log on.
We had to shut the project down when we joined the N4L but now we are in the position of being able to re activate the concept along with some significant improvements.

I just realised that I am missing a vital aspect of the application … that of user input.
Would anyone out there like to comment on the need for  this  service?
Some thoughts and comments would be very helpful.

Comments from those who used the old Loop roaming service are especially welcome.

This does not commit your school or users. At this stage we are just seeing if it is possible to rebuild the service.
The project would use some of the old Loop infrastructure together  donated Crystal software … but not be tied to only Crystal schools.




Seems a fantastic concept to me.  I can see the advantages for teachers undertaking professional development (or anything else) at cluster schools and students on visits.

    Would this eventually merge with the Eduroam service?  Reply: The project would look to federate not merge with similar services.

    What prevents joining Eduroam right now? Reply: Networks not users can federate with Eduroam. School networks (mostly) do not have the necessary IAM systems to qualify.

    My next questions unfortunately focus on possible abuses -because I assume that access is generally by wifi.

    Does such a service open up schools to having students roaming about the campus 24*7 taking advantage of access. 

    Yes... but this is normal. Learning is 24/7/365 rather than just classroom hours.

    The use of MAB, radius and SSO combined generates very rich logs where usage can be  documented. .. also very handy for tracking lost or stolen devices.

    The N4L content filtering  adds  yet  another layer of logging.

    What are the dangers of bullying/assaults to coerce handover of login details or indeed theft of devices?

    Exactly the same as you have currently except now you have monitoring and documentary evidence that was previously lacking.

    How is access managed at holiday time?  Take e.g. Quinneys Bush camp ground, where people have to pay for wifi access.  Are we going to see people piling in to Tapawera Area School grounds to use the wifi over summer.
    Reply: There are several several critical points to note...

    Only selected school devices have this service.

    Access  is set and managed by any status 3 Crystal user.

    Access can only be given to devices/users that have previously been registered on the school network (School devices, BYOD and  Smartphone's)

    If the school does not want their users to have this access during holidays they turn simply it off for those users and devices.

    Visitors and tourists do NOT have that access because their devices will never have been registered on the school network.

    Eduroam does NOT complete with commercial Wifi.

    Eduroam type services are only usually available at ...

    places of learning (schools, Library, museums etc)

    where there is no or poor levels of commercial service (see Digital Hubs).

    Learning centres are community based

    Schools are encouraged distribute their fast to their learning community (see Digital Hubs).

    Content is filtered exactly the same as at school

    Regards, Roger