TOSIroam Appendix


  • Test schools: A test group of schools will be used for the trial. These schools use a variety of connection methods. The schools were selected because they physically close to an engineer and most already have the required connection to EdSerf.
  • Eduroam: Eduroam type networks that may be approached in the future.


  • NTL
  • Schools:
    • Setup: $50-250/school with the assumption the school will load the security certificates.
    • Ongoing costs:
      • Free during the trial period.
      • Long term: $unknown - the trial will establish prerequisites, ownership and ongoing costs.

What if?

  • My school is not on the N4L?
    • TOSIroam depends on a reliable, managed network.
    • If your school is not a N4L school then it will need to prove that its internet connection is suitable for a Eduroam type environment.
  • My school does not belong to Crystal?
    • Crystal provides a off the shelf IAM and Device management system.
    • If your school does not have a IAM system then your ICT support will need to manually build a table of MAC addresses using a network inventory tool.

Contacts and References


  • Eduroam ( The worldwide roaming wireless system that TOSIroam would look to federate with once the local system is operational and  proven to be secure.
  • Crystal: A spin off from the Loop supplying Identity and Access management
  • N4L:NZ crown entity that supplies both a managed network and Internet to schools.
  • Manaiakalani Trust: An an exemplar of Digital Hubs.
  • EdSerf: A shared server farm
  • OSI network Model:This hierarchical model is used to structure the flow of data on a network from the source to destination.
  • Weathermap:A network weathermap is a visualisation of a network topography.
  • TOSItech: ToSItech is the generic title for the "Top of the South Island" Area school organisations. This project has borrowed the name.